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We take the protection of personal data and the confidentiality of their storage very seriously, which is why we adhere to the relevant national and European regulations. We process and use your personal data only with your express consent and in accordance with Act No. 110/2019 Coll., on the processing of personal data, as amended. All personal data are stored on servers with a high level of security and are protected against misuse by unauthorized persons.

1. Cookies and social networks

1.1. Cookies are small text files containing short data that can be stored on the user's device when visiting a website. We use cookies on our website for the following purposes: remembering the logged-in user; convenient website functions; anonymized evaluation of user movement on the website; customer chat;

Obtaining voluntary feedback from users and personalizing ad serving. All personal data is processed in a legal and transparent manner and only adequate, relevant and necessary data are required in relation to the purpose of processing.

1.2. On our website, we use tools that show you (also on third-party websites) messages that are in line with what you are interested in. For this, we use cookies that use the tools of external companies. We use the following tools on our website: Google Analytics advertising functions beyond the basic analytical functions; Additional Wix services that may process user information as part of Website optimization; Ads – a tool that uses cookies to display ads relevant to users, to improve campaign performance reports, or to prevent users from seeing the same ad multiple times; META's marketing services, which enable the display of advertising to users of the Website when visiting META's social networks or other websites that also use these tools; Marketing tools of the company, a.s., which enable advertising displayed in search engines and in the content and partner network. .

1.3. You can refuse cookies in the settings of your Internet browser, or set the use of only some of them. The way to set cookies in the most commonly used browsers can be found at the following links: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari.

What personal data do we collect?

We collect personal data for the purpose of communicating with you. The collected data is subsequently used to support the client relationship and communication with you. The basic prerequisite for obtaining any information is your consent to the processing of personal data.


In the forms on our website, you can always express your consent to the possible further processing of personal data. If you agree to further processing, we will keep your data for our further possible cooperation. If you do not agree to further processing, after the necessary communication, your personal data from we will delete our database. For deleting and working with os. the data is the responsibility of our processor / web administrator / data person Unlock studio.


We collect data in this way - when you communicate via the form and during subsequent communication by email. This includes first and last name, billing and delivery address, telephone and e-mail contact. At every step, Unlock studio follows the applicable legislation.

Why do we need this data?

Personal data is primarily used for communication with you, billing of payments and related communication. Furthermore, they can be used for advertising purposes to create various statistics /analytics and the like/, which, however, are only used for internal purposes.

At the same time, the developer of the Unlock studio website undertakes that your personal data will not be provided to third parties, with the exception of subcontractors - delivery of the order and intermediaries, and only those that are necessary for the successful implementation of the order and its delivery.

Permanent deletion of your customer data


After sending the data deletion request by email, you will receive a notification confirming the start of the process. The data will be deleted within 48 hours of sending the request.

Personal data protection - GDPR

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