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GTD is a commercial, consulting and at the same time installation company focused on the import of technologies from China to EU countries.

Thanks to direct, friendly, above-standard relations and trust with our partners in China, which has been built up for many years, we can ensure in real time the production or purchase of goods with subsequent transport to the EU, to the customer's destination, and that everything including complete administration, so-called "turnkey", without worries and the risk of jeopardizing the investor's funds.

About company:

Vodní 82/27

767 01 Kroměříž

We will provide comprehensive services for the production, purchase and transportation of goods from China to your destination. From consulting your production or business plan, to finding a suitable business partner, negotiating the best possible financial terms, administration, legal and tax services, logistics and customs issues, to successful implementation


Advantages of cooperation with us:

Financial flows

You are not sending your funds directly to China (we will arrange the payment)


Thanks to direct communication with our partners in China, we ensure fast delivery of goods under fair conditions and prices.

Production supervision

We physically supervise the production, quality of the goods directly at the manufacturer.

Superior relationships

We will provide an online tour, a production excursion and a meeting with the manufacturer's top management.

What makes us special?

If your company establishes itself as a reliable and stable partner, we are able to offer you the option of delivering goods directly to one of our EU warehouses, without prepayment, on maturity and including all administrative services.

What benefits does it bring?

You do not pay a deposit in advance (usually no later than 100% upon shipment from the manufacturer), i.e. you do not tie up funds for several months in advance, pointlessly and with the risk of extraordinary negative circumstances. You pick up the goods from one of our warehouses in the EU, or you have them delivered to your destination according to DAP incoterms, already cleared by customs, including all legal and transport documents.

GTD - fotovoltaické panely
GTD - logistika - sklad

Our company possesses a proficient and knowledgeable team with expertise in both human resources and technological aspects. As a result, we have obtained the authorization to directly represent and sell products from several Chinese manufacturers and brands. Here is a list of the ones we are permitted to disclose: 

Distribution and sales agency:

PYTES – LiFePO4 battery

DEYE – hybrid and grid inverters (inverters)

AOKOL - heat pumps, air conditioning (OEM)


Our company is a proud partner of a Chinese company Pytes, which provided us with exclusive distribution representation on the territory of the Czech  and Slovak Republics, see​​

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We also install the technologies that we import into the EU for our VIP customers ourselves. Installation takes place completely on a so-called "turnkey" basis, from the initial consultation, project, installation, settlement of any subsidies to revision and subsequent warranty and post-warranty service.
We currently offer the installation of PV sets from 10 kWh to 400 kWh.

PV installation:

LInstalace fotovoltaických panelů
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